The start of a new chapter

by Marcus Grant

“Tableau? What is that?”


That’s what I asked my colleague back in November 2016…

I came across Tableau and The Information Lab/Data School by sheer chance after a series of unexpected, yet fortunate, events led to me being moved into a role supporting the Information team, which just so happened to be a solid user of Tableau Public.

Tableau’s ease of use for someone completely new to the software lit a spark within me and I quickly went from asking my colleagues “how do you build a pie chart in Tableau?” to being able to build a filled map and create my first visualisation with the minimum amount of help. (my final data school submission was completed a few weeks after)

As a result of my newly found desire to learn more about Tableau I was offered the opportunity to attend a Tableau 101 Workshop with the Information Lab, which is how I got to meet the wonderful Carl Allchin and Luke Stoughton, who after catching me checking out the Data School on my phone (during lunch break I might add), convinced me to apply… And just over a month later… here I am… part of the DS6 cohort! #Winning

What are my expectations of the Data School?

I spent quite a bit of time reading blogs from the previous cohorts after sending in my first submission, so I already had a brief overview of what I could expect from day 1 to the final day of the training, but after 2 days of being at the Data School I thought I would share my thoughts on what my expectations are:

  • Go from being a Tableau and Alteryx Padawan to becoming a Jedi within a few months.
  • Gain a better understanding of data visualisation and how powerful it can be. “With great power comes great responsibility” – Ben Parker
  • Vastly improve on soft skills such as presenting, public speaking, critical observation and much more.
  • To become part of the Tableau and Alteryx family. Not just in London but around the world.
  • Realise what my strengths and weaknesses are.

I am seriously looking forward to seeing what challenges and experiences the next few months at the Data School will bring to us in the DS6 cohort and can’t wait to go out into the real world to put what we have learnt to good use!

Future, I am ready!!!