DS12's Dashboard Week, Day 4

by Seffana Mohamed-Ajaz

This was definitely one of the most challenging dashboard days this week.

Kriebel had tasked us to investigate droughts in the states and we had to collect the data using API.

For me, the challenge was understanding how the documentation of the API worked and deciding what I actually wanted to get from this dataset. Following that, there were plenty of times, not unusual, however, where I had realised that the data that I took out did not add up, or that I had done it all completely wrong. Nothing worse than realising massive holes in your dataset when you’re at the eleventh hour.

The main thing I have learnt this week is that its OK to not have a polished, complete viz, especially during dashboard week. I decided to treat this as a future lesson on how to better cope with stress and scope work.


Seffana Mohamed-Ajaz

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