DS12's Dashboard Week, Day 5

by Seffana Mohamed-Ajaz

What do you do when your date columns are split into three different columns?

In other words, you have three columns: Year, Month, Day.

To put them together in Tableau (or Prep), create a calculated field and write as seen in Image 1.

Image 1: Creating a date by joining the the three columns.

What do you do when your hours a split into 24 different columns?

With the dataset that Kriebel had given us, the hours were split into 24 columns from 0-23.

Pivot the hour fields. Afterwards, produce the calculated field in Image 2.

Image 2: Joining the [Date] field with the [Hour] column.

The calculation had to convert the [Hour] field to an integer because it was entered as a string.


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