#TableauTipTuesday: How to Change the Default Aggregation for a Measure

by Natalia Miteva

The first thing you will notice when you start building charts in Tableau is that any time you bring a measure to the view, it will always aggregate it using Sum. This is because Sum is Tableau’s default format.

You can of course change the aggregation type by clicking on the dropdown of the measure.

However, changing it this way will only apply to the current sheet you are working on. If you want Tableau to always display Average Sales every time you use the measure in sheets, you will have to change its default setting. Here is how:

Now when you open a new sheet and use the Sales measure, Tableau knows you want it to show the Average, rather than the Sum. This will hopefully save you some time and repetition.

If you have any questions about aggregations, or would like to chat about Tableau in general, do not hesitate to get in touch on Twitter @nataliatamiteva.