Expectations vs Reality

by Neil Lord

It’s been a week at The Data School already and it’s flown by quickly, which is good because it means I’m enjoying it. But is it living up to expectations? That’s not easier to answer as I didn’t have any expectations when starting at The Data School, apart from the obvious one…Learn Tableau!

So, having thought about a bit here are some of the things I expect to happen whilst I’m at The Data School:

  • I’m going to learn a ton about Tableau & Alteryx
  • I’m going to meet some awesome people
  • I’m going to work in sectors that are far removed from anything I have experienced before
  • I’m going to be pushed far outside of my comfort zone
  • I’m going to step out of the shadows and into the Tableau light
  • I’m going to have fame & fortune land at my feet
  • I’m going to become an amazing Tableau user
  • This experience is going to make me or break me
  • I’m going to have fun

I’m going to revisit this post in 4 months’ time and see if any of these expectations match reality.