The Murky World of UK Geography #3 Hazardous to Health....Geography

by Neil Lord

Two down two to go…so lets get on with it.

This one is nice and simple. Health Geography. There are 3 layers of Health Geography and they all fit really nicely together:

NHS Commissioning Regions – Only 4 of these, 1 solely focused on London.

Boundaries available here

NHS Regions – 14 of these (the above 4 split 14 ways)

For boundaries look here

Clinical Commissioning Groups – These are probably the most well know as the influence treatment at a local level, there are 209.

You get the idea

There is a really handy lookup file which allows you to map CCG level to LSOA level.

That’s enough for now…the last, and riveting part, of this blog will be available sooooooon.