Small Data & “Interesting Things”

by Niccolo Cirone

It’s Dashboard Week at the Data School, which means that each of us is creating a dashboard per day during the whole week!

As a kick-off, we made a fun exercise about visualizing just two numbers in as many ways as possible in 30 mins.

Here below you can find my output: a dashboard with 40 different visualizations of just the numbers 233 and 65.

Screenshot (16)


In my opinion, this exercise is really useful because forced me to focus on the effectiveness of my visualization, while being creative.

Afterward, we used these very same number (which are actually Andy’s number of “likes” on Twitter and Instagram for the past week…) for drawing a Viz on a postcard, and participating to the Dear Data 2 project by Andy and Jeffrey Shaffer.

Clicking on the images below you can find a viz with the two versions of my postcard, Hand-Made (and 3D…) and Tableau-made.

Jeffrey Postcard 3


Click on the image to go to the Viz!