One Thing Ends, Another Begins

by Nick Jastrzebski

I can’t quite believe how fast these past four months have gone. It’s quite a strange feeling knowing that in only a few days we’ll all be heading out to our first placements rather than gathering in the DS for another day.

It’s be quite an exhausting few months, but incredibly rewarding. It’s great to be able to look back to the first few weeks and see how far we’ve all come in such a relatively short time period.

DSX as a group have been amazing to work with. It’s quite a bittersweet moment now that we won’t be seeing each other everyday. I’ll definitely miss these guys.

I can firmly say I’m converted to the idea of London living, having been commuting in from Chelmsford in Essex every day. I’m definitely excited to move into London and get more directly involved in the community rather than needing to head off early to get the train home!

I think some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned haven’t been around Tableau or Alteryx at all. Working on projects with very tight deadlines and widely differing scopes has been more of a learning experience than I expected. It has pushed me to improve my team working skills as well as my ability to interact with clients.

Getting to work with so many of The Information Lab’s core team has been really great too. It’s been a privilege to see some of the absolute best in their field work, and to get the opportunity to learn from them has been very enlightening.

Now it’s time to move onto new challenges in my first placement. It’ll be quite an adjustment settling back into a “normal” place of work after four months in the DS, but I’m excited to get the chance to put my newfound skills to the test out in the wild.

But first we have tonight’s graduation party, featuring the infamous Andys awards ceremony!

Now that I’ve finished the Data School, I’ll be posting over on The Information Lab blog. See you there!