Dashboard Week: Day 1 - Prudential Ride London

by Nils Macher

Day 1 one dashboard week started off with a sporty exercise. Our task was to scrap the web page of the Prudential Ride London Results homepage: https://results.prudentialridelondon.co.uk/2018/  

To accomplish this, we build a workflow which scraps the cyclist name, cycle club, duration cycled, country of cyclist and duration of the most recent race on July 29th 2018. Here is the workflow we came up with:

To sum up the workflow in a few words. It catches 25 riders per page over 1105 pages. And then uses Regex to parse out the different columns like rider name, etc. Each stream after the text to column tool cleans a column and transforms the data into a a readable format. Afterwards, all columns are unioned together into a large table.

Alex H. goes into more detail about the workflow in his blog post. You should definitely check it out: /alex-harrison-wood/dashboard-week-day-1-4/

Now, that we had the data in a format Tableau can work with, it was time to create the dashboard. I chose to tell a story about the fastest rider in each age group. My idea was to create a viz which looked like the finish line of the race and then highlight the 3 top finishers in each age group.

Here is my final result: