Quick Tip - How to create extra space between your bars

by Nils Macher

Have you ever had the issue that you want to create extra space between bars which belong to a different category?

Take this view for example:

It is really difficult to see which bars belong to which region. The last row for each segmentis really close to the first row of the following segment. On the first glance, it might seem like those 2 bars belong to the same region. With a little trick, it is possible to create extra space between these 2 rows.

  1. Click on the Analysis Tab and then on Totals -> Add all sub totals. This will add subtotals for each pane. Now your sheet should look like this:
  2. Now, left click on one of the bar charts and click on hide. This will hide the subtotal bars from the view. 
  3. In the next step, get rid of the Total label by right clicking on it and choosing the format option. Now go to the Total section on the left side and delete the Total text from the label field.

Now, this should be your final chart: