Dashboard Week - Day 5 | DS22

by Patrick Deans

For the final day of dashboard week we've been given a dataset that I'm very excited about - stats about boy bands.

As the data set was already in a nice and usable format it didn't require much work in alteryx - just a join to add the highest charting song data onto the data for the details about each boy band member. I also added in some calculations focusing on whether or not the members had frosted tips in their hair as I initially wanted this as my main focus of analysis.

The dataset coming out of the alteryx flow was a breakdown of attributes for the members of boy bands from the past 40 years as well as the details about the highest charting song for each band. The attributes included things such as hair colour, accessories and date of birth.

Using this data I created a series of bar graphs calculating the average chart position of bands depending on what attributes they possessed. The attributes I chose can be seen in the picture which below shows the final dashboard. I used pictures of Justin Timberlake to visually illustrate each of the different attributes - I'm not sure the analysis would be as insightful without this.

Dashboard Default View

I also added in filter actions that allow the user to choose a series of attributes they would like in their hypothetical band by clicking on the respective bar in each chart. This updates the big number on the right hand side and informs the user of where they can expect their band to reach in the charts. This number is based on the average of bands who have that combination of attributes and where their highest song charted.

Dashboard With Attributes Selected

As there is not a band that represents every possible combination of attributes it was necessary to add in a message informing the user that their band would likely not chart. This was done by having the image displaying the message "You Probably Won't Chart" behind the floating big number informing the user of their chart position. If the filter combination that the user chooses does not have any results, the big number disappears displaying the image behind.

Dashboard with a bad selection of attributes

Ultimately I had a lot of fun creating this very serious dashboard. It was a nice way to round off a difficult week.

If you would like to have a go with the viz yourself it can be found here.

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

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