Dashboard Week: NO TABLEAU

by Paul Hunt

Today was dashboard week day 3, or maybe day 4 (according to Hania), but technically day 2 (for me), taking place the week after dashboard week. Get your head around that one.

Our task was set by Sophie who wanted us to dive into baby name data for England and Wales. She chucked us a curveball though – we had to use Flourish instead of Tableau.

Flourish is a really cool data visualisation tool which is full of a tonne of animated viz options. It’s designed for data journalists in mind, but it’s fair game for everyone and is pretty fun to play around with – it’s also free (although a premium version does exist).

I decided to look at the different derivations of the name Jeff and Geoff over time and stuck it in a story which can be watched (audio included) here:


Here’s one of the sheets (not the full story) embedded below.