Insert a hyperlink onto your dashboard

by Paul Hunt

A simple task that takes a few more steps than maybe you’d think in Tableau. Shout out to Eva Murray (@TriMyData) for this technique.

Step 1

Create a calculated field containing the text you want to be clickable.

Step 2

Drag the hyperlink field onto a worksheet, more specifically, onto the text marks card. Format the text however you want.

(I recommend deleting everything in the tooltip too as it’s not really needed here)

Step 3

Add the hyperlink worksheet to a dashboard.

Step 4

Add a URL Action by going to Dashboard > Actions > Add Action > Go to URL.

– Change the run action to ‘Select’,
– Put in the link of the URL you want the user to be directed to,
– Select new browser tab in the URL target if you want the link to be opened in a new browser.


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