Dashboard Week Day 4 | California Wildfires

by Priya Padham

It's Day 4! Wow, that went fast!

Today we paired up with someone else from The Information Lab - our "buddy" - who would help us for the day. It was really fun to work with someone else during the project!

The Data

Today's data was about wildfires in California, and the data was from Cal Fire. We had to do some API work in Alteryx in order to get the data. Here is my workflow:

It was good to brush up on using APIs and also cleaning the data along the way, as there were some strange entries (such as dates from 1969 and wildfires that lasted 3000+ days). The data also seemed to only be key wildfires rather than all of the wildfires, so that was important to bear in mind throughout the process.

The Dashboard

Link to interactive viz

I decided to do a longform viz again, and I looked into where the wildfires in California occur, as well as when and the time of day they tend to happen. I also looked at the counties that experienced the most damage in terms of acres burned, and the acres burned per year.

I really wanted to look into climate change and change of temperature over time to see if that could be linked to the number of wildfires and if they are increasing in severity. I would have definitely spent less time focusing too much on data preparation and instead looked at the data sooner in Tableau to see what insights and stories could be told through the data as I think this would have helped a lot.

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