Dashboard Week Day 5 | Eastern Bering Sea Crab Distribution

by Priya Padham

It's the final day! Let's go!

The Data

Today's data was from NOAA regarding Eastern Bering Sea Crab Distribution. The data was very interesting and I enjoyed digging into it and focusing on certain areas. Here is what I came up with!

The Process

I took some time trying to understand the data properly and figure out what the granularity was. I also realised later on that there was a data dictionary, so some of the ideas I came up with didn't work out.

I decided to focus on the red king crab, as I noticed that the catch per unit effort had decreased by almost 90% since the peak in 1978. I also explored how temperature may affect populations of red king crabs, as well as acidity levels of the water. I also added in some supplementary data about red king crab prices over time.

The Dashboard

Link to viz

Longform and dark background again for this viz! I decided to go for a bright green to make it stand out on the background.

I managed to find some data about how temperature and pH levels can affect red king crabs almost at the end of the day, which I added at the bottom of the viz. I would have loved to explore this more, as well as look into carbon dioxide emissions and temperature data about the Bering sea.

Overall, the data was super interesting and I would love to explore it more in the future to see what else I can find!