#MakeoverMonday W41 | Data Assets and Data Culture

by Priya Padham

This week for #MakeoverMonday, we were asked to makeover a visualisation by DataIQ regarding a survey and the industry sector breakdown of the participants. Here is the original visualisation:

What I liked:

  • I like how the different industry sectors are investigated and can be compared.
  • It’s interesting how the percentage labels were placed in the legend, as normally they would be on the bars or next to the bars themselves.

What could be improved:

  • A different colour is used for each industry, which isn’t necessary and means the chart is difficult to understand.
  • The legend is also long because of how many individual sectors there are, which further complicates the whole chart.
  • The chart type itself is difficult to read and confusing, as it is hard to tell what the different lengths of the lines mean and the starting points of the lines.

What I changed:

  • My initial reaction to this chart was “this could have easily been a bar chart”. So, that’s what I did.
  • I also got rid of all of the unnecessary colours and made everything grey, aside from all of the financial-related sectors which I highlighted in purple.
  • I also added one BAN to the top of the viz to show that 25.1% of the participants were from the financial services sector, as I thought this would be an interesting insight to add to the viz.
  • To explain what the chart was about, I added a short description at the beginning to give further information.
  • I added the percentages to the bars themselves and got rid of the need for a legend due to the minimal colour palette used.

Link to interactive viz