a is for Alteryx

by Rachel Phang

DS5’s first Alteryx week has passed, and with it, my introduction to Alteryx! While intimidating at first, I did feel myself getting more comfortable (and ever so slightly less frustrated) as we got further into the week. Alteryx requires a different way of thinking, but like learning any new language or skill, practice eventually leads to familiarity. And by practice, I mean spending time on it in a balanced combination of rote learning (repeating the same processes over and over to get used to them and how they work) and exploration (trying out all those cool new buttons and seeing if I can work out what they do!)

The most exciting part of the week working out how to connect to APIs and then feed that data source through to Tableau. Alongside learning all about tools and workflows, I look forward to exploring lots of different and useful APIs now that I can access them!

1 mins read

Tue 23 May 2017

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Sat 22 Apr 2017