Dashboard week day 2 - getting (more) hyped for endgame

by Robert Headington

So for today, we were asked to look at some marvel comic data.

As I’m a fan of the MCU, I was looking forward to seeing what the data had. After looking for a while, I thought it would be interesting to get a kind of ‘top trumps’ view of each avengers (and friends). So I took the main bits of information and planned my viz.

However, by choosing to do this, I needed to get my data in a different format (unless I wanted 1000’s of sheets in my dashboard). So I needed to do some data prep in alteryx.

I also found that a few characters that I would want to include were not avengers in the comics by April 2015 so we had no data on them so I could not include them in my viz (all of guardians of the galaxy and vision)

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