How to visualise missing dates? #tableautip

by Soha Elghany

I’m going to show you 2 different ways you can show a gap between your missing values in your time series graph. In my example below I wanted to show the gap in time for WWII because the winter Olympics didn’t happen in that time period:



The first way to show this gap in time for your missing values is to simply change your date field then go to your date header right click and select: ‘show missing values’



I had to go another route because the winter Olympics happens every 4 years but I didn’t want a line break to mark every moment the winter Olympics didn’t happen I just wanted a break in between my lines for WWII so I created a dummy calculation to force that break for between 1936 – 1948:

IF year([Year])>=1948 then “1”
ELSEIF year([Year])<= 1936 then “2”

I then dragged that in details on my marks card and I got my line break for WWII

This was part of my visualisation where I examined female figure skaters BMI which you can explore here

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