American Housing Survey - Dashboard Week Day One

by Stephanie Kearns

It’s dashboard week at the Data School and it comes with a scary reputation. If you want to know more about what dashboard week is Andy has written a blog about it.


Basically, we are given a link to find the day’s data set, we then have to get, cleanse and visualise the data in a day, blog about it and then present it back the next morning.


I could write about my process of trying to untangle the data but I’ll spare you the long version. Instead, I’ve gone with a short summary and lessons learnt.


To sum up, I went round in a few circles and got a bit overwhelmed with what was actually in the data. I then reevaluated and decided to strip it right back to two of the survey questions. My dashboard is pretty basic but I did it!


ahs house prices and ownership dashboard


Lessons Learnt

In hindsight, I should have taken a more in depth look at the questions available and considered the possible stories before embarking down one road. Having said that, I would definitely stick with narrowing the questions down early in Alteryx before starting on playing around in Tableau.


Day one done, bring on round two…


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