How To Customize Your Alteryx Macro Icon

by Theo Isaac

Today DS18 received their first training on Macros in Alteryx. This is a challenging topic and has several concepts that are difficult to wrap your head round. One fairly simple thing I did take away was how to customize the macro tool. Configuring this isn’t immediately obvious to a first time macro-creator, so I thought i’d write a short blog explaining how to do it.

Once you have created your macro, to configure the design you will need to go to View > Interface Designer. Bearing in mind that this page is crucial when setting up a macro, I do feel like it is not immediately obvious how to navigate to it. Once on the designer, click on the cog icon on the bottom left of the designer window:

Once on this tab you can customize the icon of the macro by clicking on either standard icon (and choosing from the drop down list on the right) or by choosing custom icon. Clicking on the latter allows you to use any of your downloaded images as your macro icon. So, if you want to have Smudge the Cat as your macro icon, you can.

A final note – to close the interface designer you must go back and click on View > Interface Designer. I confess I spent a while looking for an X button and pressing escape.

Hope this helps!

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