Bye-Bye, 25WS

by Thomas Luthi

It has been four months since DS11 started their training at 25 Watling Street. Four months in which we were taken from complete newbies to fairly experienced users of the tools and processes that we now get to apply as we go out on placement.

Thanks to the rich and varied structure of the training I have a feeling we will all be more than able to cope with whatever our future clients and colleagues may throw our way. We’re privileged to have worked with a whole number of different clients during our time at the Data School. They all let us work with their data and explore questions around their very individual needs, and they were all extremely helpful in getting us started on our journey in data consulting.

I’m amazed at the variety of projects that we have had. From research organisations and financial startups to football clubs and shipping companies, we’ve been able to get an insight into every industry imaginable.

Every time we were faced with new challenges that we handled with more and more expertise as the training went on. We each got a turn at managing our colleagues through a one of these one-week projects, picking up even more invaluable experience. It’s experience that we will be drawing on very soon when we find ourselves client-side.

I’m excited to be moving on to the next stage of our journey with the Data School. Not least because it will take me to San Diego, California for a week as I will get to work with Solar Turbines, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gas turbines. I can feel confident about starting my placement with Solar because I know I can count on the infinite knowledge, expertise and experience within our company to help me navigate any kind of difficulty I may be faced with.

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