Dashboard Week Day 5 - Can Money Buy a Longer Life?

by Timea Demeter

Fiiiiinaaaly, the last day of Dashboard week. It’s more like a morning of dashboard week, because we need to finish by 12pm.

So our task seems more simple today, as we are allowed to work together on the dataprep, and work individually on finding insight in the data and creating a dashboard.

As the time is so short will have to adapt the plan, and try to stick to the timings.

So here are the steps:

  • Explore the data and find a story – by 10:15am
  • Build the dashboard by 11am
  • Write blog by 12pm

For the last time this week…let the vizzing begin!

Once I got into the dashboard building, time flew past very quickly and I haven’t had the chance to write the blog as I went along.

And because I have already past my deadline, I will try to be short (and hopefully sweet).

Because I created a lot of exploratory dashboards this week, for today I wanted to create an explanatory dashboard, and have a story. So the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the data was to see if higher income correlates with higher life expectancy. Based on this idea, I started exploring the data and just visualize on the dashboard my findings.

And this is what came out of it.

I really enjoyed today and was very tempted to look for additional data to continue my search for the answer.

But maybe another day.

As for today…..and for this week, I am happy to say that my work is DONE!

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