Dashboard Week: Tuesday

by Valerija Kirjackaja

For our second project of the Dashboard Week, we were asked to explore forest cover change data from the World Wildlife Foundation. The dataset was extremely wide – 116 columns in total, and covered a variety of deforestation metrics for most of the world’s countries from 2000 to 2019.

After having a look at the data in Excel, two columns caught my attention most: ‘Income’ and ‘% of deforestation affected by fire’. So, I decided to focus on exploring the relationship between those metrics and the levels of deforestation in each country. I also decided to only compare two years - 2000 and 2019 - rather than looking at the full time series. In terms of data preparation, all I did was remove the columns I was not going to use, and bring in some additional data on the countries’ GDP, which I later included using blending technique for some of my charts.

I explored both raw hectare difference as well as percentage difference in forest cover, and my analysis showed that there was no obvious relationship between a country’s GDP or income level and the levels of deforestation, but there was a slightly more apparent correlation between income and the percent of deforestation caused by fires. In particular, countries with lower income levels and GPD were more likely to have a higher percentage of deforestation affected by fires than countries with higher income.


Valerija Kirjackaja

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