Last day of the dashboard week #runkeeper Andy Day4

by Wiktoria Rudz

I am a little behind with my post about the last day of the dashboard week. After the final presentations, I moved on straight to the Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate exam preparation. I passed by the way (92%) :)) So here’s a brief story behind the dashboard for #runkeeper Andy @VizWizBI.

On the last day Andy saved us from data preparation, otherwise, there would be very small chance we would show anything sensible by 3pm. Understanding the data took me some time anyway. I have never worked with the fitness data before. There were a couple of challenges like figuring out if the data is in miles or km (we didn’t trust Andy on that) or how to properly display pace and speed.

Instructions for each day would come from Andy via blog post. In the Friday blog post, Andy wrote that he knows the data quite well but he is interested to see what else can we find …I mean…. what on Earth can you tell the “Head Coach at The Information Lab / Tableau Zen Master / Tableau Certified Trainer / Data Viz Guru / Story Teller / Data Rockstar” #runkeeper Andy Kriebel about his own data, that he does not already know??

I had no idea. But then there was a lunch break and I went for a walk. The idea popped into my head immediately when I moved away from the computer. It makes perfect a sense now as changing the environment is the key tip for boosting creativity from Cole @storywithdata. She shared it during the last London Tableau User Group meeting.

So I thought I should check if Andy’s runs have any recognizable shapes. I figured it might be funny to imply that they reflect what he was thinking about while running and subconsciously drawing the shape. I was hoping for something like a heart and such. But what I discovered was way better!

So that’s how Jurassic Park fans are running:

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The whole week was very exhausting and if not for the bank holidays on Monday I might have got some permanent health damage. But luckily it was “only” 4 days and I am under impression that I have learned more than in the previous 4 weeks. As I mentioned in one of the previous posts I oddly enjoyed it!:)