London TUG - place to be

by Wiktoria Rudz

Yesterday was the #LondonTUG day! There are quite a few data visualisation meetups in London but no one wants to miss this one! You have to be really fast to even sign up for the event. The place was crazy packed yesterday!

London Tableau User Group is simply a meeting of Tableau enthusiasts, where they can learn Tableau tips & tricks, hear about interesting use cases and network.

Meet the team behind #LondonTUG:

@paulbanoub @ncbignell @cheeky_chappie @sarahlovesdata @davidmpires


Eva Murray (@TriMyData) from #MakeoverMonday duo was the main presenter on the agenda yesterday. It was amazing to see how passionate Eva is about data and sport. The #MakeoverMonday social project which she has started to co-run together with Andy Kriebel has had an impressive number of 1538 submissions from 399 unique contributors. If you haven’t submitted your viz yet (@Natasha from DS5) you definitely should. Urban legends about people finding dream jobs through #MakeoverMonday are totally true! The breaking news from yesterday is that #MakeoverMonday goes on tour – live sessions will take place around the World!

After #MakeoverMonday presentation Eva moved on to demo a Tableau dashboard with her fitness data from Strava. Go to her blog post for more details.

The Battle

After a short break, the meeting continued with “The Battle of The Data Tipsters” between Data-Schooler Lorna @lorna_eden and Pablo @PabloLGomez. Each contestant had 90 seconds to demo an interesting Tableau tip. There were 5 rounds. After a 2:2 draw Lorna won the final round, which means she will battle again on the next TUG meeting – 3rd time in a row. If you are interested in battling against Lorna (AND your name is Pablo) make sure to sign up!

Tip from Lorna

My favorite tip from Lorna was about collapsing containers – swapping between two different views on the dashboard with help of parameter.

You can watch the video below


PS. @Lorna the length of the video is 1:57, not 90 sec Shouldn’t you be disqualified? ;D


Tip from Pablo

Pablo touched on a very important topic which is a workbook documentation in Tableau. I barely heard of it before and it is going to be extremely helpful for me in the process of learning Tableau. Some vizes require multiple steps and dragging pills back and forth. Recreating such views is highly challenging ..but not with solid notes. Thanks to Pablo I will now explore such features like caption and comment.



I might be relatively new to Tableau but I have already observed that other users are extremely nice, friendly people who like networking and beer & pizza a lot 🙂


Go to London TUG page or click on a map to find a user group in your city!



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