How to prepare for the Tableau certificate exam?

by Wiktoria Rudz

Days at The Data School pass by very quickly. We are finishing week 5 today and are already expected to sign up for the Tableau certification exam. We did some preparation with Andy and Emily. These are the tips that we have learned.

We did some preparation with Andy and Emily. These are the tips that we have learned.


Exam questions

All questions have multiple choice (a,b,c,d or True/False)

Practice with all of these preparation quizzes

There 2 types of questions: knowledge based and hands on.

Knowledge based questions refer to your understanding of Tableau interface, what are the functionalities, what do colors of the pills mean etc. You won’t earn a lot of points for these questions (just 1 point), but make sure to get them right. How? Keep on reading.

Hands on questions require you to download a data source (like Superstore) and answer questions related to it by using Tableau. However, if you will get stuck, don’t panic. There are many many ways to answer these questions, but common sense is advised. No one will ever see your workbook, it does not need to be perfect. if you did not finish your viz, but already see what the answer is (or you used a calculator to get it), that is perfectly fine. On the other hand, make sure to triple check if you are actually answering the question. They are written in an overcomplicated manner. Understanding them correctly is not straightforward. The answers will include the results achieved with the most commonly made mistakes so don’t get overexcited by seeing your result among the answers. Open new worksheet for each question. A correct answer is worth 3 points.


The exam will cover different areas: connecting to data, statistics, sorting, fields types, charts, dashboards, maps, calculations, LODs – read more here.

Go through these LOD expressions

Make sure you know the latest features from the last release. There will most probably be questions about them.

Exam environment

Exam will take 2 hours. People tend to finish sooner, so you probably don’t have to worry about running out of time

You have to score 75%

The exam requires FAST internet connection. You will be required to remotely connect to external machine.

You will be monitored – you will have to demonstrate that you are alone in the room with no help like books or notes.

You CAN use google, so google answers to knowledge-based questions! You can google anything in fact but it is probably wise to double check if the answer you have in mind is correct.

That’s all I have learned about the exam so far, It will probably be smart to edit this post once I complete the exam myself.

Exam registration link