Tableau server: Q&A for begginers

by Wiktoria Rudz

#ThisWeek is the server week at DS5 together with Jonathan McDonald.

During the first two days, we played with different options for installations and worked on organising the assets according to best practices.


What is a server?

It’s a computer that provides functionality for programs


Where to download it from?

The Tableau download link is

When in doubt, go for the link to the biggest file.

Useful link to the guide:


What is the difference between Active directory and Local authentication?

Active directory is used when users already exist within the organisation. (When each user is able to login to any company machine and have access to their files.) Existing users can be imported to the server from .csv file prepared in the following format: wiktoria,tableau,Wiktoria,Interactor(role),System,yes,

Local Authentication – a manual creation of usernames and passwords for users.


What is a server structure?


What are the best practices for organising a server?

Remove all permissions from Default project as users tend to publish all their workbooks there, which leads to a huge mess

Create projects – examples: Department x testing, Department x production, Datasources

Create groups – examples: Department x, Department y, Desktop users, Management

Give permissions to groups – not singular users (easier to manage in the long term)


How to manage permissions?

Edit permissions for each project

for more information go to this Jmac post


How to display a gif as a project preview?

Very good question! All you need to do is edit a project description and paste a link to the gif wrapped in “!”