How to do a waffle chart in Tableau?

by Wiktoria Rudz

Last Monday we did a #MakeoverMonday session at Data School, thanks to which I have finally submitted my viz. It is usually quite challenging for me to come up with an original idea for a makeover with all those amazing vizes popping up in the Twitter feed at the same time. You just can’t unsee them.

Fortunately, the dataset for the last #MakeoverMonday was extra simple so there was a common, unspoken agreement that it is OK for everyone to go for a waffle chart. I wanted to try this type of chart anyway so I eagerly googled a tutorial. The search result I used was Andy’s video. It’s pretty easy to follow and I have managed to finish on time, even though I lost my workbook half way through the session. To my surprise, everyone seems to like the outcome a lot! That’s actually unfortunate as it puts a bar for my future submissions even higher that I originally put it myself! I guess when in doubt ..right click AND/OR go for the simplest solution.

If you similarly to me prefer images over videos follow the steps in the pictures below to create this viz:

Images come from


First, download this waffle chart template. The whole idea of the waffle chart is to colour the right amount of squares which reflect the range 1 – 100 % from this sheet.