Finding the best burrito in San Diego

by Will Griffiths

For my “viz at home” this week I found an interesting dataset all to with a 10 dimensional burrito rating system in San Diego. As some of the Information Lab are in San Diego at the moment I thought it would be the best timing to create a viz allowing them to find the “best burrito in San Diego”!

Burrito Viz!/vizhome/BurritoBook/MainDash

The viz is split into 3 main parts. On the left there are a couple of filters that allow you to select what you want the burritos to be rated by. There is an overall score as well as specific variables such as meat to filling ratio, flavour synergy and uniformity. These are all rated out of 5 so an average can be taken and accredited to the burrito vendor. There is also a neighbourhood selector so you can drill down to find the best burrito shop in the neighbourhood you might be in.

In the center is a map with all the burrito locations indicated by a coloured “burrito” icon, these are then shaded to match the selected variable score out of 5. On the right hand side is a horizontal bar chart showing the top 10 locations based on the variables selected, as you can see “California Burritos” is the best place to get a burrito.

When a burrito vendor is selected from the bar chart it will populate the Location Info box on the left with the name, address, URL, price and the selected score to help you find the place you want!

To explore the viz in more detail please click the link to check it out on Tableau Public:!/vizhome/BurritoBook/MainDash

To find out more about the 10 Dimensional Burrito Rating system please click here:


Will Griffiths

Thu 07 Jul 2016

Wed 06 Jul 2016