Using Explorer Boxes in Alteryx

by Will Griffiths

Time for a really quick tip in Alteryx focusing on the “Explorer Box” tool.

If you find yourself bringing different bits of data from a certain folder then you can create a dynamic view of that folder right within Alteryx and then just drag in the files that you want to use. To set up the Explorer Box just drag it on to the canvas and then set the URL of your folder, for example “C:\Users\User1\Desktop\Data”. You will now have a view of that folder right within your workflow. One of the best parts about this is that you can now just drag the files out of that view straight onto the canvas! You can also set the view to be a webpage, just set the URL to be the page you want to see. If you had some information on the web you wanted to display in your workflow then this is probably the easiest way to do this, probably not the most efficient though.

Here is a video of the Explorer Box in Action: