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Anatomy of a successful Data Schooler

Following on from the last blog about the most challenging aspects of DS, Andy asked us to reflect on and write about how to be successful in the Data School.  I guess that really depends on how you choose to quantify success.  Being part of a team who get to learn... read more

If I could go back to the start…

Time for one last reflective blog, looking at what I would do differently if time travel was possible and I could restart the Data School.  I think I’d look to adopt the things I’ve already talked about from the beginning, asking questions and figuring out... read more

If I walked this path again

Part of reflecting in the New Year is looking back at what you would have done differently. I’m certain that I made the right choice in joining the Data School and have really enjoyed my time so far. If I had the chance to repeat the last few months, however,... read more

How to succeed in the Data School

Feedback is the breakfast of champions In the Data School I have been surrounded by colleagues with some exceptional skills and knowledge. The atmosphere is such that nobody should be afraid to give or receive feedback about their work. Sometimes the coaches have... read more

Spray Charts in Tableau

Spray charts are great for visualising change or movement in two dimensions. As an example, the cricket wagon wheel is a classic spray chart. Every shot starts at the batsman’s crease and finishes where the ball was fielded.     For a graph with... read more

Uphill battles at the Data School

As a new year begins, I’d like to share with you my biggest challenges of being in the Data School. Working as part of a big team In my previous job roles I was very independent. I worked as part of an organisation but was given the freedom to drive projects... read more

My to-do list to be put in practice in the New Year

Instead of moping over the past, let’s enjoy the last Friday of the year to build the traditional to-do list for 2017 Our last philosophic post of 2016 is about “if I had to start all over again…”. (The others from this series are My 7 biggest challenges in the Data... read more

If I had to start all over again…

…I’d have done all kinds of things and not done all kinds of other things. I’d be popular and successful and happy and speak twelve languages and… wait, we’re only talking about the Data School? Oh. I’m not sure I’d change... read more

How to be successful in the Data School

This is a difficult thing to answer. I’m not going to pretend I know it all and if you follow exactly what I say you’ll be the most successful DSer of all time – I can’t promise you that. However, I suppose the best way for me to answer this is... read more

Asking questions to succeed at the Data School

After almost 3 months, I’ve come to the conclusion that asking lots of questions is one of the best ways to  survive  succeed in the Data School. Just ask It’s an incredibly simple thing to do. But I know sometimes asking for help can feel difficult thanks... read more

This is not another article about success

Because success is overrated, I decided to be more realistic and share 9 tips to survive the Data School experience Andy Kriebel gave us a list of philosophical subjects to write about this week. My first one, published yesterday, was a compilation of my thoughts... read more

What’s the most challenging thing about the DS?

I don’t think many people can say that they actually enjoy their job, but with being part of the Data School, I do actually enjoy my job. As cheesy as it sounds, it is a bit like a big family that grows by 8 members every 4 months or so. Everybody is so friendly... read more

My 7 biggest challenges in the Data School

The most challenging things for a Brazilian journalist lost in the Data School Four days to the next year and here I am in front of a computer thinking about the things I have found most challenging in the Data School. As it is the perfect period of the year to create... read more