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Alteryx Machine Learning Theory: Forest Model

One of the major strengths of Alteryx is the ease with which it allows the user to run powerful predictive models. It can do this by merely attaching specified data to a predictive tool.

This blog will give a brief overview of a forest model, which is an extension of the classic decision tree model. Decision tree models transform each independent (predictor) variable into a classification question.

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Order of Operation w/ LODs

When we learn algebra one of the most fundamental thing we learn is the concept of BIDMAS/BODMAS. To anyone who does not remember it from their maths class, this is essentially the order of operations algebra calculation should be performed. The order is Brackets,...

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Back to Basics: A few examples of common table calculations

It’s been awhile now that we’ve been doing LOD’s and complicated nested calculations. I wanted to go back and write about some simple calculations. Simple things get overlooked by people thinking that they already know them well but sometime on their work they notice that they aren’t fully aware of them. So without further ado, here are some basic calculations I wanted to go over.

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Alteryx 101: How to Spatial Analytics

Hello, everyone! After a jam-packed week at the Data School focused primarily on Tableau and the theory behind predictive analytics, my cohort mates and I are spending the evening putting the final touches on the workflows and dashboards we will be presenting to the...

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Week 4 Highlights from DS6

This week, I cover: ‘How to set your colour palette in less than 30 seconds’, ‘How to build sparklines’, and ‘How to export a picture of your dashboard’

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Tableau 101: How to build Histograms

Hello, everyone! This week at the Data School has been dedicated entirely to picking apart all of Tableau's advanced functions. From figuring out all the neat little ways to get the most out of table calculations to building ridiculous nested if statements with level...

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Reflections on the first month in DS

It’s been one month after I joined The Data School sixth cohort in our Tableau and Alteryx journey. At this point I wanted to reflect on my experiences in The School and see how they compare to the expectations in my first blog.
Now let’s see what I have written in my blog that I would like to address. A few small things will be pulled out as quotations in this blog but for anyone that would like to see the original, just follow this link:

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Lesson from completing Makeover Monday in 1 hour

The DS6 had to do this week’s Makeover Monday along with a room full of attendants in the Exasol’s Xperience conference in Berlin. We had one hour to complete the task live. The data set we were given were the tourist data in Berlin and Brandenburg area. Looking at...

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A Simple Guide to Building Control Charts

Hello, everyone! Afer yet another jam-packed day at the Data School, rushing to put the final touches on dashboards for our client presentation tomorrow and delving deeper into Tableau's magic tools, I've got yet another guide for you guys. Today we're going to be...

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Sets and Groups: Grouping different dimensions of data

When first starting Tableau it’s usually the case Groups and Sets get mixed up in people’s heads. This is totally normal as they are so similar. They both combine the units you’ve selected and create a new set or group with the data. There are differences between the two that I will try to sum up.

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What is the difference between Table Calculations and Calculated Fields?

What is the difference between Table Calculations and Calculated Fields? This is a common question for most Tableau users when they first start their Tableau journey. I must admit that I was no different when I first started. Now I can make the distinction thanks to Carl Allchin who dived into the topic in the DS6 Desktop III Training. For anyone who is not sure what the difference between Table Calculations and Calculated Fields please read ahead.

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