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Data School Week 5

Week 5 - Blog Week Blogging does not come naturally to me, so I found week 5 of data school relatively difficult. We were each required to write a blog a day, or five blogs for the week. I found myself wracking my brain trying to come up with interesting topics and...

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Custom Admin Views in Tableau

The custom admin views allow all administrators on Tableau Server the ability to see the server’s usage statistics. To see the original ‘uncustomised’ admin views, login to your server select the site name at the top of the screen to reveal a drop-down box. Then...

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Documenting your Tableau Workbook

Documenting your Tableau Workbook Why bother? There is nothing more annoying than inheriting a complex Tableau workbook with zero documentation designed by someone who has just left the company. You have no other option than to go thru every single calculated field to...

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Productivity tips

Time management is an essential skill to have, especially when you are in Data School. There are so many things that I would like to do apart from the main DS training, but there are only 24h in a day. During one of our first weeks in DS5 Tom Brown, the founder of The...

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So you want to use your KML files in Tableau?

So you want to use KML Files in Tableau? Tableau comes with a list of recognisable geospatial areas and regions straight out of the box. But this list is limited and oftentimes you will want to create your own custom geocoding to create a filled map. How can you map KML shape files both in Tableau 10.1 and 10.2 using Alteryx. Read to find out.

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Introductions, Primary School learning & New Beginnings

Introductions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ...

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London TUG – place to be

Yesterday was the #LondonTUG day! There are quite a few data visualisation meetups in London but no one wants to miss this one! You have to be really fast to even sign up for the event. The place was crazy packed yesterday! London Tableau User Group is simply a...

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How to make a Tableau viz look polished

The devil is in the details.   After being in the Data School for a few weeks and seeing a myriad of different vizes, I can say that small details can make or brake even the perfect viz.  These three quick and easy steps, that in my mind, will provide the final...

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