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Wiktoria Gryniec

Wiktoria has 7 years of marketing experience growing profitable brands in the European market. After her first experience with Tableau, she immediately realised how it can significantly help companies grow by easily identifying opportunities in their data. She left her career and dedicated to mastering Alteryx and Tableau skills.

Laura Peterson

After her MBA Laura spent over 6 years working in Excel-based environments as a consultant and then as a finance analyst. Now, she is excited to learn Tableau, Alteryx, and the art of data visualization from the very best.  

Marc Reid

With a background in software engineering, English teaching abroad and business analysis, Marc completed an MSc in Business Intelligence and then work in Human Capital Analytics.  After seeing the power of Tableau to uncover insights, Marc is looking forward to helping people explore and visualise their data.

Natasha Kurakina

Natasha has always loved art and has a background in finance where she used to analyse business processes and helped to optimise costs. After discovering Tableau, Natasha became fascinated by the world of data visualisations, and applying to Data School was an opportunity to turn her analytical skills and passion for creativity into a practical mix. She is looking forward to learning how to create simple and yet appealing visualisations, as well as mastering the skill of sending a powerful message and telling stories with data.

Neil Lord

When Neil was a little boy he had a dream, that dream was to become an archaeologist. That didn’t pan out. So he whittled away his years moving from job to job trying to find that one true calling. That calling finally came as a piece of software called Tableau. Through Tableau, Neil hopes to become a data hero and spread the word according to Tableau around.

Philip Mannering

Philip relishes problem-solving and making valuable insights into data. He has two Master’s in quantitative disciplines and several years of image analysis experience. He joined the Data School to become proficient in data analysis and problem-solving in the challenging world of BI.


Rachel Phang

Coming from a financial background, Rachel is excited about learning to work with data sets in a visual way.


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Helping Our Clients

Anna Noble

After doing BA in Economics Anna took a break from the world of data for 4 years, working odd jobs in several different continents and blogging about her experiences. She then returned to the UK to do a Masters in Online Journalism at Birmingham City University. During the course she discovered data visualisations was a great way to merge her storytelling and data skills. After attending the Tableau Zen Master Tour, the Data School was the logical next step.

Bethany Fox

Having recently finished her MSc in Applicable Mathematics at LSE, Bethany is passionate about using her mathematical skills to help people make sense of data. She is excited to learn everything there is to know about using Tableau for data visualisation from the experts at The Data School!


Dan Watt

Dan discovered a passion for data analysis and visualisation whilst researching the role of the brain in exercise during his Masters degree. This led to analysing client data for some of the UK’s top law firms at a research consultancy.  At the Data School Dan wants to hone his storytelling skills to make data accessible to a wider audience.  At the same time, Dan strives to make a name for himself in the world of distance running, competing for Kent at cross country and getting ever closer to the dream of a sub 2h30 marathon.


Gwilym Lockwood

Gwilym first started serious data analysis during his PhD in the neuroscience of language where he examined his participants’ brain activity during language learning, but soon realised it was more fun to use those same techniques to look at sports statistics. After honing his data skills through scraping cricinfo and falling in love with ggplot2 in R, he decided to switch out of academia and into the big wide world of data visualisation. Outside the office, Gwilym also brews his own beer, which may or may not help the data viz creative process.

Ian Baldwin

Data has been a part of Ian’s life since he could read the weekend’s football results and understand how a league table works. Following the somewhat traditional route of learning Excel at school and Matlab at university, his introduction to Tableau and Alteryx was a real eye opener to how intuitive and feature rich powerful software can be. Ian has come to the Data School to master these programs and help more people take their data analysis and visualisation to the next level.

Megan Hunt

After working as a librarian in several academic institutions for over a decade, Meg became interested in data visualisation during her time as an Open Access (OA) consultant for the European Commission funded PASTEUR4OA project.  The opportunity to combine a passion for graphic design with the skills she learnt curating large data sets lead her to Tableau.  Her driving interest has always been to make complicated concepts and datasets more accessible and easy to understand.

Peter Silvester

After a brief experience in the world of sports data collection, Peter unearthed a keen interest in the potential to guide understanding and tell stories through data analysis. The chance to join the Data School straight from university was not to be missed and he is excited to learn from the best in the data visualisation business.

Rachel Costa

Rachel is a journalist who after 10 years telling stories with words decided to discover the world of data visualisation. Her inspirations are the new interactive stories which have been populating the news in the past years. Making information clear, beautiful and accessible for the desired audience are their aims.


Ben Davis

Ben has moved from academic research to work more deeply with data, having been inspired by the increasing sophistication of tools and techniques to render data into compelling stories. With training and skills in both science and graphic design, Ben has found a discipline at the nexus of his abilities and interests.

Emily Dowling

After graduating with a BA in Ancient History, Emily started working in business consultancy, delivering service improvement and lean transformation projects in NHS Trusts. This is where her interest in data analysis developed, specifically in understanding service demand vs. capacity.

Peter Gamble-Beresford

Since studying Economics at university, Peter has worked in two national banks, a social media analytics consultancy, and an Austrian ski-school. He first used Tableau when working with large social media data sets, and, impressed with the software and the community, quickly decided he wanted to use Tableau every day.

Will Griffiths

Will became a part of The Data School to broaden his horizons in the data world. Coming from a brief background in Digital Marketing and having studied Business at University, Will is looking to break away from the Excel mould and get stuck into Tableau.

Naledi Hollbruegge

Naledi is a Social and Cultural Psychology graduate interested in the use of data to help understand societal dynamics and address social issues. Before coming to The Data School she worked in a variety of social research jobs.

Borja Leiva

Since studying his MSC in Sports Performance Analysis Borja recognised the importance of Data Analysis. During his various work experiences within the sports world he faced the recurrent problem of explaining data and being able to communicate the message. From that point Data Analysis and Data Visualization became his focus.

Elnisa Marques

After moving to the UK and discovering Tableau, Elnisa became fascinated with how easy it was to draw meaningful insights from data while building and designing beautiful and sleek dashboards. Fascinated by Tableau’s user friendly interface, she developed a passion for story-telling through attractive and compelling visual aids.

The opportunity to help people making sense of their data, led Elnisa to apply to the data school and learn from the best in the field.

Amanda Patist

Data has always been central to Amanda’s interests. Having started her analytical journey in academic research she is now keen to learn everything Tableau has to offer and to be able to share the art of making the complicated, understandable.

Lorna Eden

Lorna has always been passionate about data, and is excited to replace her old tool of choice Excel with Tableau and Alteryx. After first discovering Tableau at British Gymnastics she can’t wait to apply some new skills to sports data.

Simona Loffredo

After 3 years working in management consulting in Milan, Simona has decided to move to London to continue her professional career in data analysis at the Data School. It’s been her dream since graduating Mathematics in 2012.

Nai Louza

Nai is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and the University College London who never really abandoned her identity as a student and information-seeker. She continues to use data as a resource contributing to understandings of human motivation, business analysis, and social solutions.

Ben Moss

Ben became interested in data analysis whilst studying his undergraduate degree at Coventry University. He was introduced to how data is used to improve the objectivity in the decision making process and went on to study a postgraduate degree in Performance Analysis in Sport.

Benedetta Tagliaferri

The mix of Benedetta’s curiosity, creativity and her analytical background in finance, pushed her through the data world, and especially to Tableau. After many financial forecast projects with Excel she appreciates an easy and colourful way to tell stories.

Anuka Teggart

Having finished her masters in Environmental Biology, Anuka discovered the data viz world and was immediately intrigued. After more research and trying Tableau for herself, she knew this is where she wanted to be and is eager to learn more.

Jules Winceslaus

Everyone loves great storylines, so it’s exciting to join a company that’s all about telling stories with data! I joined The Data School to learn data visualisation from the best & gain experience in a variety of industries.

Emily Chen

As a bonafide Biz Nerd, Emily loves telling stories with data. She’s currently learning the art of data visualization and eager to apply these skills in Banking and B2C strategy.

Niccolo Cirone

Niccolo’s data driven journey started in Italy, attempting to translate the breath-taking Italian cultural heritage into figures. He was challenged with starting a BI solution from scratch. It was ‘sink or swim’, and he fell in love swimming through data!

Alexandra Hanna

Alexandra’s inquisitive nature and drive to solve problems has meant a natural attraction to a career in science. Ready to take on the challenge of BI, she strives for expanding our understanding of the world and improving performance.

Ravi Mistry

Ravi’s interest in using and manipulating data piqued after discovering public sources of sports data. Having studied Economics for the last four years, he is looking forward to learning from the data Jedis of Tableau and Alteryx.

Pablo Sáenz de Tejada

After spending 9 years in market research companies in Spain, Pablo discovered Tableau and loved how it makes data analysis intuitive and fun. He didn’t hesitate moving to London after discovering the opportunity to learn more!

Hashu Shenkar

‘Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’ – that is exactly what Hashu did. He turned his hobby into a career by jumping head first into Tableau & Alteryx

Damiana Spadafora

While learning about cloud technologies and their potential Damiana kept hearing about the importance of data analysis and how Tableau was changing this field. After realising how data analysis was changing every field, Damiana eagerly jumped at the chance to learn everything about how to do it best with Tableau.

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