Dashboard Week Day 1: UFO Sightings

by Andy Kriebel

Dashboard week is here for DS14. This past week has been really hectic and I knew I would struggle for time to come up with projects. I enlisted the services of Nick and Lily from DS10. To say they were excited for this assignment would be a massive understatement. I’m grateful to them for finding five interesting projects for the team.

The basic idea behind Dashboard Week is that the team is given a data source, they prep the data, create a visualization, and write a blog post.

Here are the rules that are common across each day:

  1. They must work independently.
  2. Everything MUST be completed by 5pm (so that I can write a recap blog post). This includes:
    • Data prep workflow
    • Visualization published to the web
    • Blog post written
  3. They MUST leave their laptops at work in the evening.
  4. The next morning, present back the previous day’s work.
  5. No complaining!
  6. Pay attention; requirements may change day-to-day.
Photo by Brian McMahon on Unsplash

For day 1, the team will be using data from the National UFO Reporting Center Online Database. That’s right! Day 1 is about aliens sightings. Specifically, they need to download all recorded sightings & visualise the data. Hopefully they will notice that some of the data contains typos & errors.

Good luck team!


Andy Kriebel

Mon 20 Jun 2022

Mon 20 Jun 2022

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