3 Reasons you should follow The Data School blogs

by Anna Noble
DS8 group work

DS8 design infographics with Caroline Beavon

DS8, the 8th group of 8 people started their training at The Data School two weeks ago. I’ve been helping them get acquainted with the world of blogging and these guys are creating some great content.  So here’s why I think you should be reading their blog posts!

1. You’re starting to learn Tableau & Alteryx

What better way to learn how to use a new set of tools than joining the members of the Data School on their journey to learn Tableau and Alteryx.  There’s bound to be a hint or tip from one of these guys that will give you that “So that’s how you do that” moment.

The team are being taught by Zen Masters, members of The Information Lab’s experienced trainers and individuals from Tableau community with a range of expertise.  This is a great knowledge base to be able to tap into.

Check out Robbin Vernooij’s Alteryx tips taken from a day’s training with, Alteryx Ace, Chris Love.

2. You’re thinking about joining the Data School

What better way to find out what four months of Andy Kriebel is really like than reading about it first hand from DS8.

You’ll also get to learn about their varied backgrounds and how that influences their learning experience.  Check out Ollie Clarke’s blog post about switching from freelance singer to data analyst.

We also have a meet & greet coming up, where you can speak to DS8 and other members of the Data School in person.

3. You’re practically a Zen Master but you’d like to support the learning of others

Maybe you are already familiar with all this Tableau and Alteryx stuff, but I’d still say they are worth a read.  You might just learn something new and it’s a great way to support the members of DS8 in being part of the Tableau and Alteryx community.

You might be able to share some alternative suggestions to how to approach an ETL problem or how you visualised a similar dataset.  Get commenting on their posts or chatting with them on Twitter.

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