How to save a directory in Tableau Server #TipWeek

by Benedetta Tagliaferri

Welcome to the tip of Thursday on the #TipWeek.

Today I am going to speak about Tableau Server and in particular how to save a directory in paths.

To access to Tableau Server you need to write a directory in Command Prompt (Admin) like this:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Tableau\Tableau Server\9.3\bin

and then you enter the command that you need:

tabadmin start/stop/status



But there is a way to save this directory so you don’t have to type it every time.

So let’s follow these simple steps:

  1. Right-click in the windows image (bottom left of your screen)
  2. Click on ‘system’
  3. ‘Advanced system setting’ (on the top left)
  4. ‘Environment variables’
  5. Inside system variables choose ‘path’ and click edit
  6. Paste the directory in a new path (in my case c:\Program Files (x86)\Tableau\Tableau Server\9.3\bin)

So now if you go in Command Prompt Admin you don’t need to write again all the directory because it is saved in the paths.



Hope this is useful!

See you later!


Benedetta Tagliaferri

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