DS16: Expectations

by Ellie Carter

I think the application process for The Data School has given a small introduction as to what to expect from The Data School and life as a data consultant. These are my expectations after Day 1:

  1. There will be things I won’t grasp immediately but there is no shame in asking questions
  2. There will be days where I go home feeling my brain is completely frazzled (I think this is normal!)
  3. I will be able to build a platform and showcase the skills I have learnt, don’t be afraid to use social media to do this
  4. I will meet some really interesting people, both at The Data School and at external networking events
  5. There is so much opportunity to learn from others and get feedback on my work (this is not to be confused with comparing yourself to others)

and finally…..

6. I will really enjoy my time at The Data School and gain invaluable skills that I can use for the rest of my career

There you have it, my short and sweet expectations of The Data School!

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