MakeoverMonday 2019w12

by Hanna Nykowska

I’m currently reading the Makeover Monday book by Eva Murray and Andy. One of the suggestions was to write a blog post about every challenge and so I decided to do that from now on. If you don’t know what Makeover Monday is check it out here.

The data for week 12 of 2019 was very simple, a Country and Index value pairs for G7 countries, together with average value.

This week’s original visualisation:

What works

First of all, it looks nice, the chart is just visually pleasing. The Index values are from 0 to 100 and it seems that 100 would make a full circle although this is not immediately obvious. I also noticed that it’s quite similar to World Economic Forum‘s logo (a website the viz was published on), which I think is a nice touch:

What doesn’t work

I think the colours are not the best choice, I have problems distinguishing between purple lines for countries and dark blues for the average. With this type of chart, it is also difficult to compare the values. It may look cool but it’s not very efficient.

How can I improve it

The easiest way would be to straighten it and present it in a bar chart form. To give the intuition that it is out of 100 would be to put a border around a bar that goes from 0 to 100 and fill it to the corresponding score of a country. I additionally coloured the bars depending on whether the score was above or below G7 average (shown as reference line). You can see my submission below:

Interactive Viz

I was also thinking that maybe just adding shading for countries with a score above average vs below average while remaining the radial form could make the original viz better. Wait for an update tomorrow 😉


Hanna Nykowska

Fri 24 May 2019

Thu 23 May 2019