Tiny Tableau Tip: How to get rid of the map background

by Hanna Nykowska

During the #vizforsocialgood hackathon last weekend (I wrote a blog post on what it is, check it out here), Rai, one of the participants, was trying to get rid of the white background of a map because he had a different background colour on the dashboard. This turned out to be something else than I expected and so I decided to share the solution with you.

My first thought was to change washout to 100%. This fades out the map marks but the white background remained:

Here’s what you need to do instead. First, go to Format -> Shading and set Worksheet and Pane values to None. Then, go to Map-> Map Layers and untick all of the Map Layers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to unselect all of them so you need to uncheck them individually. This should do the trick!

If you don’t see the @OpenStreetMap note, that’s because I also change the washout to 0%. To be honest, you can pick which layers you want to keep but Base is the one you want to remove.

If you have some gaps that you want to have a background for, you’ll need to do the trick Jon wrote about in his post (just remember to get rid of the Base).

Thanks for reading, byeeee!


Hanna Nykowska

Fri 24 May 2019

Thu 23 May 2019

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