Kolsuma’s Dashboard Week Diary – Day 2 (INFINITY WAR SPOILERS)

by Kolsuma Aktar

As excited as I was with today’s challenge, I couldn’t be more disappointed in my results! Before we get into my experience of this challenge, here’s some background.

We were given data on the deaths, returns and appearances of characters from the Avengers comics. Before we go further, there are no spoilers for Avengers Endgame!


Before creating any visualisations, we were required to draw our ideas out. See the image below to see what I came up with. I originally wanted my viz to look like a story or timeline of the characters from the movie Avengers: Infinity War, including a big red X over their image if they were snapped out of existence in the movie. I wanted the design of this to be like a comic book page or cover with character information included but I skipped that last idea about the design as I knew I wouldn’t have enough time.

Prepping Data:

Although the data provided by Coach Andy was pretty much already prepped, I decided to go and get additional data for my idea. I found and webscraped the data I required pretty easily but I spent forever trying to join this data to the provided data, but due to small differences in the way character names were recorded (even though its from the same website!) I ended up wasting a lot of time. In the end I focused just on the main members of the Avengers Infinity War movie, so that I could manually copy and paste the additional data I needed. I also manually downloaded and edited the character thumbnails. I didn’t feel great about all the manual work I did in the end but it was taking too long doing it through Alteryx.

Creating a visualisation:

I couldn’t do everything I had planned due to my problems during data preparation, but with the time I had and the data I managed to get here’s what I made:

That’s it from me!