A Look at Andy Kriebel's 286 Runs

by Marc Reid

For the final day of Dashboard week the focus switched to Tableau with no data prep required in Alteryx.  Coach Kriebel, keen runner that he is, provided us with a ready made .TDE (Tableau Data Extract) with a mix of data about 286 of his previous runs.  This included things like,

  • Location (Lat and Long)
  • Speed
  • Pace
  • Distance
  • Elevation

All at a second by second level of detail!    The goal was to build a dashboard making use of all these metrics – full details here.

As we had presentations from yesterday’s dashboards in the morning and today’s presentation was at 3pm, we only had a few hours to understand the data and build the dashboard, therefore, I decided to keep the design fairly simple.

Of the various measures listed above, some had current values as at that exact time, along with a cumulative total as at that time.  In the end I focused on the exact time measures only and created my own sums of these to get the running totals where required.

One calculation that’s worth calling out is the one to create the total run duration based on the total seconds provided in the data:

This provides the duration in hours as 86400 is the number of seconds in 24 hours.  The resulting measure then needs to be formatted as a date-time:

For more information, see Jonathan Drummey’s blog post here, which Andy pointed us towards in his task instructions.

I wanted to show a map for each run with the key metrics for that run.  I built each metric on a separate sheet, so I needed a filter to the date to apply to all these worksheets.  This can be easily done in Tableau by clicking on the filter and selecting “Apply to Worksheets > Selected Worksheets…” as shown below:

You can then select the required sheets to apply the filter to:

For the map, it was just a case of adding the Latitude and Longitude measure in to the view and then adding a custom map from mapbox.  To indicate where the start and finish points of the run were, I added a calculation to capture these points shown below (thanks, Neil, for that one at short notice to presentation time!):

And finally… the finished dashboard:


Tue 23 May 2017

Wed 19 Apr 2017

Wed 19 Apr 2017