All about parameters: part 2 #tableautip

by Soha Elghany

In this tableau tip, I’m going to show you how you can link 2 parameters together and get them both to operate together just like in the image below.

So for this example, I used the superstore data I calculated ‘day of year’ by using this calculated field:


DATEPART(‘dayofyear’, [Order Date])


Following this, I created 2 string parameters one for ‘Select a Category’ and the other one for ‘Select a ship mode’ (how I created was the same way as part 1 which you can review here). I displayed both of my parameters in my view and next, I need to create a calculated field that will link both of my parameters together so they can operate as one: 


[Select a Category] = [Category] and [Select a Ship Mode] = [Ship Mode]


The ‘and’ clause joins both of my parameters together with their dimensions so now they can operate as a dynamic parameter. I now drag my calculated field to details and colour and this will act as a highlighter and colour the fields selected in the parameter. 

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