How to download multiple .csv to your computer? - Alteryx, Dashboard week day3

by Wiktoria Rudz

Details about the challenge #3 and link to the website here.

Today 9 am, everyone had breathed a sigh of relief because apart for the tricky download, the data seemed clean and simple. We got excited about the possibility to spend the whole day in Tableau, rather than struggling in Alteryx. Of course, that was just a wishful thinking and some of got to the Tableau stage not sooner than 6 hours later.

There was honestly not a lot of work in Alteryx, but some conceptual thinking on which data to use and will it be better to have the data tall or wide etc. We also had presented the dashboards from the day before, had lunch and generally got too relaxed too soon.

The challenge for today was downloading the data for 200 countries – each in the separate file. It’s simple and fun to do!

1. Check URLs for each condition. They are slightly different, but each ends with the country name. Add condition type.

2. There are files with general data for every country on the website too, that’s where I took the list of countries from. It’s 200 identical countries for each Risk type. Append the country name to the URL. You don’t have to worry about spaces in country names, the link won’t break.

3. Build the whole URL.

Create folders for the files you will download. Name them in line with Type names. Build out the location URL.

Attach download tool and run. That’s it, no output, no nothing, just a couple of seconds and 800 files save on your computer. Pure magic! 😀

Create a separate workflow to join your files and decide which data to take.

Remember you can download all .csv files at once by putting a * instead of a file name in the link to the location in the input tool!





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