Henry Mak's Blog Catalogue

by Henry Mak

The Data School

  1. DS23: My journey so far... 1 week in
  2. A walkthrough of my initial application to The Data School
  3. My thoughts and feelings going into the Alteryx Core Certification Exam
  4. A Reflective Log of My First Client Project
  5. 15 Tips for being a Project Manager
  6. Finishing Training at The Data School (DS23) - Tips for Future Cohorts
  7. Top Three Application Tips from Current Data Schoolers

General Tableau

  1. #MakeoverMonday 2021/W15: Fouls Called By NBA Referees
  2. How to Make a Hexbin Map in Tableau
  3. How to Force a Category in an Area Chart to the Bottom
  4. How to Create a Reference Box
  5. How to Create a Quarterly Calendar Heatmap
  6. How to find the maximum value in each row across all columns
  7. How to Create a Drill Down using Set Actions

Tableau Simples:

  1. Grid Lines
  2. Creating Folders for Fields
  3. Expand/Collapse Folders
  4. Commenting in Calculated Fields
  5. Emphasising The Last Point On A Sparkline
  6. Different Decimal Places in the Axis and Tooltip
  7. Hiding Sheets
  8. Barcode Chart
  9. Date Properties
  10. Show Empty Rows/Columns
  11. Top Sub-Category in the Chart Title
  12. Hiding the Null Indicator at the Bottom Right of Charts

General Alteryx

  1. The difference between standard, batch, and iterative macros
  2. 8 tips for the Alteryx Core Certification exam
  3. Converting AM/PM Time to 24 Hours format


  1. A short introduction to the Modulo Operator
  2. How to Add Multiple Shapes to Line Charts in Tableau
  3. Checking whether a number is odd or even (Tableau & Alteryx)
  4. Converting Seconds into Hours, Minutes, and Seconds (Tableau & Alteryx)
  5. Do something every nth time (Alteryx)
  6. How to increment a number every n rows (Alteryx)


  1. Snowflake (SQL): Inputting Tables from Prep, REGEXP_REPLACE, COLLATE(), and Exporting as CSV/TS
  2. Basic Web Scraping with Power BI
  3. How to Weight Survey Data
  4. The 5-4-3-2-1 Technique
  5. Four time-saving Windows shortcuts that I've learnt during training
  6. Making Your Dashboard More Accessible

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