Data School Roundup - June 6-12, 2022

by Andy Kriebel

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This week I've added a few new sections to the roundup. Along with our usual Tableau, Tableau Prep and Alteryx tips, there are now sections about life at the DS, certification tips, and career advice.


  1. How to manually place a tooltip in Tableau by Eric Williams
  2. LODs: It's all in the Details by Caitlin Walsh
  3. How to Create a Show/Hide Button by Romina Wiechern
  4. How to hide the Sort Controls from view by Zdravka Bratuhtcheva
  5. Make finance less dry in Tableau! by Tram Nguyen
  6. Current Period vs. Previous Period KPIs by Zdravka Bratuhtcheva


  1. Iterative Macros by Abiramm Thavajothy
  2. Alteryx Fundamentals: Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill? by Sophie Higson
  3. How-to guide on Alteryx Download tool by Ozlem Sigbeku
  4. Alteryx Weekly Challenge 182 Ultimate Guide by Ozlem Sigbeku
  5. Alteryx Fun-damentals by Ozlem Sigbeku
  6. What's your type? Is your data type the right one? by Reuben Clayman

Tableau Prep

  1. How To Correct Spelling Errors by Maha Hussari
  2. Key features of Tableau Prep by Reuben Clayman
  3. Regex in Tableau Prep by Kristine Wiesner

Life at The Data School

  1. Data School Week 1 Project Advice by Ozlem Sigbeku
  2. What to expect during the first week at the Data School by Imogen Emmett
  3. First week project by Longyan Chen
  4. Don't Overthink It! by Maha Hussari
  5. Thank you by Tram Nguyen
  6. What to know about the first day at the Data School by Ozlem Sigbeku
  7. What to expect in your first day at the Data School by Joel Akaje-Macauley


  1. Tips for passing the Tableau Certified Data Analyst Exam by Luke Yin


  1. I joined The Data School without an IT background by Andrew Ho
  2. What did it take to get into DSAU15? by Natalia Miteva
  3. The journey to The Data School by Longyan Chen
  4. Committing to The Data School Journey by Tristan Kelly


  1. SQL What is it? by Algirdas Grajauskas
  2. SQL Scalar Function by Algirdas Grajauskas
  3. Hotkey Shortcuts by Marcelo Ramos
  4. Fake it 'til you make it: dummy data in Mockaroo by Caitlin Walsh

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