Data School Roundup - May 23-June 5, 2022

by Andy Kriebel

Here's your weekly blog recap (two weeks worth this week) of learnings from The Data School UK, Data School Down Under, and The Data School Deutschland. This week's roundup includes 33 Tableau tips, 10 Alteryx tips, plus impressions from the Tableau Conference and tips for taking the Tableau exam.


  1. The Tableau Data Interpreter by Frederik Egervari
  2. Dynamic Top N with Sets and Parameters by Tanya Fischer
  3. Default Field Properties in Tableau by Frederik Egervari
  4. Data Preparation within Tableau Desktop by Frederik Egervari
  5. Working with Tableau Extracts by Frederik Egervari
  6. Tableau's Moving Calculations by Frederik Egervari
  7. Date based Functions in Tableau by Frederik Egervari
  8. How to Use an URL Action on a Dashboard by Romina Wiechern
  9. Recreating Hans Rosling's Work in Tableau by Kristine Wiesner
  10. How to Create Bar Charts with Candlestick showing difference by Nhung Le
  11. Makepoint and Makeline Functions by Nhung Le
  12. How to Compare to a Selected Dimension by Mary-Leena Tchenkoue
  13. Dynamic Top N Filter by Mary-Leena Tchenkoue
  14. How to Create a Bump Chart by Romina Wiechern
  15. How to show dynamic photos on your dashboard by Nhung Le
  16. Conditional Formatting for Text in Tableau by Frederik Egervari
  17. How to Create a Word Cloud in Tableau by Mary-Leena Tchenkoue
  18. How to link your public dataset or anything (elegantly) on your dashboard by Nhung Le
  19. How to Expand and Collapse a Hierarchy Using a Parameter by Sreekanth Arathil Condoth
  20. Displaying multiple Charts in one Worksheet – The Trellis Chart by Frederik Egervari
  21. How to Create Top or Bottom N Chart by John Power
  22. Including Different Decision Making Scenarios in a Dashboard by Dorinna Pentchev
  23. How to change your graph type using Measure Names by John Power
  24. How To Create An Infographic Donut Chart In Tableau: Part 1 by Thomas Maple
  25. Drill Down With Set Actions In Tableau by Thomas Maple
  26. How to create a user selection for measures in Tableau by Thomas Maple
  27. Tableau spatial functions by Trupti Dongaonkar
  28. How to Name Parsing (First, Middle and Last names) in Tableau by Luke Yin
  29. Linking to google maps by Lat and Lon by Michael Michelini
  30. Switching sheets with parameter by Michael Michelini
  31. Dynamic sorting in Tableau by Michael Michelini

Tableau Server

  1. Set Tableau Server Permissions When Publishing A Workbook by Skomantas Tamulaitis
  2. Set Dynamic Row-Level Filters by Skomantas Tamulaitis


  1. Linear Regression in Alteryx by James Charnley
  2. How To Use The Email Tool In Alteryx by Frank Salmon
  3. Ordering and Invoicing System Using Google Forms and Alteryx: Part 2 – Advanced App Chaining by Frank Salmon
  4. How to use API’s in Alteryx by Zack Hawkins
  5. Easily Create Fake Data In Alteryx by Thomas Maple
  6. Getting Started With Alteryx: The Favourite Tools by Thomas Maple
  7. Predictive Analytics by Trupti Dongaonkar
  8. Downloading Images by Michael Michelini
  9. Introduction to Alteryx Macros by Sulakkhana Himihami
  10. Alteryx vs. Excel – Why I Choose Alteryx for my Analysis Needs by Zoe Lu


  1. Become a Certified Data Analyst by Tanya Fischer
  2. Inoreader & Zapier by Giorgia Astheimer
  3. Impressions from my First Tableau Conference by Karen Hamilton (DSNY1)
  4. My Takeaway After Attending the Tableau Conference for the First Time by Islande Derazin (DSNY1)
  5. TC22 from Afar - My Experience of a Virtual Tableau Conference by David Yang (DSNY1)
  6. My Reflection on Learn What The Data School Learns by Zack Hawkins

From the Coaches

  1. What did it take to get into DSAU14? by Natalia Miteva

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