by Oliver Clarke

Here I thought I’d collate all the blogs I’ve written over the past 4 months into one place – mainly so that I can find them more easily later. Think of it as a catalogue of blogs or a #Catablog.

  1. School’s In – my background and first impressions of the Data School
  2. Combining Data in Tableau and Alteryx – going through the different types of joins, unions and how to do them in Tableau and Alteryx
  3. Top 5 Things I learned today – Data source filters, diverging bar charts, combined vs. dual axes and more
  4. JTT1 Extra Colourful Dimensions – How to have two separate dimensions on the colour shelf
  5. All In for Graphics – Reflecting and summarising our session with Caroline Beavon
  6. JTT2 Cramped Labels – adding an invisible buffer to give labels extra room
  7. JTT3 Rolling Months – a calculated field to return the last 12 months
  8. Diverging Stacked Bars – Going through Steve Wexler’s approach for diverging stacked bar charts
  9. Predictive Analytics Schema – Showing the structure of a predictive workflow in Alteryx
  10. JTT4 Slope Charts – A 3 click method for creating Slope Charts
  11. JTT5 Hyperlinking Text – Using url actions and screenshots to add hyperlinks to text
  12. Dashboard Week Day 1 – Rome – Showing how I found the minimum distance Andy travelled on his Roman holiday
  13. Dashboard Week Day 2 – Los Niños – How to change the order of dual axes charts
  14. Dashboard Week Day 3 – Rick and Morty – Creating a macro to generate API urls
  15. Dashboard Week Day 4 – Throttle Tool – The Throttle tool: what it is and why you should use it
  16. Dashboard Week – Lessons Learned – A #Catablog of my dashboards, and reflections on their process
  17. Drilldown Worksheet Actions – Going through the LODs and worksheet actions required to complete WorkoutWednesday Week 41
  18. Multi Row Formula in Tableau – Using table calcs to ‘fill in’ missing data
  19. JTT6 Stacked Labels – Using reference lines to add totals to stacked bar charts
  20. Filtering Table Calculations – Going through the why and how to filter table calculations without them re-calculating
  21. The End of DS8 – Reflective Blog – Looking back over the past 4 months. The good, my bads, and advice for future DSers
  22. Catablog – A list and short description of all the blogs I wrote while in DS

Self-reference is fine, right Bertie?

That’s it from me on the Data School blog. But you can still find me on twitter @olliehclarke

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