DS7 Tip Week - 45 Tableau and Alteryx tips

by David Sánchez

tips from tip week at DS7


Tip week is over. One tip per day, 5 days a week, 9 of us (plus a couple of bonus tips in between). Here you have them, loosely sorted by the theme of the tip and order of posting. Follow the link at the bottom if you want to see a live demo of all the tips by the authors.

Tips on Tools:

  1. Asterisk Assassination by Joe Macari  Tableau 10.5
  2. DS7 Tip Week – Pause by George Walker
  3. Tip Week- Day one, tip one by Giorgia Umani on Nested Sorting
  4. Dynamic Titles by Charlie Daffern
  5. DS7 Tip Week – Tip 1 – Custom Images as Shapes by Michael McFadden
  6. (User defined) Parameters change the tableau game! Top N Filter tip by Eliott Sacau
  7. Using a Parameter to Flip Between Days, Months and Years on Your Worksheet by Jeremy Kneebone
  8. Dynamic Axis Labels – Tip Week by Stephanie Kearns
  9. Tip week- Day two, tip two by Giorgia Umani on Filters
  10. DS7 Tip Week – Tip 2 – Using Shapes as Buttons by Michael McFadden
  11. Tip 2: Creating a dynamic map display / axis change using parameters by Eliott Sacau
  12. Tip week- Day three, tip three by Giorgia Umani on Parameters
  13. DS7 Tip Week – Preparing data in Tableau by George Walker
  14. DS7 Tip Week – Tip 4 – Select a worksheet without triggering an action by Michael McFadden
  15. Percent of Total Calculations – with Filters! by Charlie Daffern
  16. The power of Ctrl – zoom in calculation window by David Sánchez
  17. Tip week- Tip four, day four by Giorgia Umani on Filters
  18. Tip 4: Supplementary options for Mapping in Tableau by Eliott Sacau
  19. Tip week- Day five, tip five by Giorgia Umani on Parameters
  20. Cleaning your filters of Null by David Sánchez
  21. My favourite tools in Alteryx and some best practice advice by Eliott Sacau

Tips on Formatting:

  1. Tableau Tip – Add colour from different sets to a single view by David Sánchez
  2. How to Quickly Add Labels to your Chart in Tableau by Jeremy Kneebone
  3. Tableau Tip – Change the colour of the search box in a map by David Sánchez
  4. DS7 Tip Week – Adding a dot to highlight the end of a line chart by George Walker
  5. Resizing Shortcuts in Tableau – Tip Week by Stephanie Kearns
  6. Mobile layout and embedding your Viz by David Sánchez
  7. Untangle Your Alteryx Workflow – Tip Week by Stephanie Kearns
  8. Tableau Tip: Quickly Removing Unnecessary Borders by Jeremy Kneebone
  9. Bars within Bars on Bar Charts by Charlie Daffern
  10. DS7 Tip Week – how to put you axis at the top of your chart by George Walker


TimeSaver Tips:

  1. Calculated Fields for the Lazy – Tip Week by Stephanie Kearns
  2. DS7 Tip Week – Tip 3 – Quickly select and deselect boxes by Michael McFadden
  3. DS7 Tip Week – Tip 5 – Change multiple aggregations at once by Michael McFadden

Learning Tips:

  1. Three Considerations for Planning Data Visualisations by Charlie Daffern
  2. How to talk in ‘Tablish’: Lesson 1 by Joe Macari
  3. How to Talk ‘Tablish’: Lesson 2 by Joe Macari
  4. How to Talk ‘Tablish’ – Lesson 3 by Joe Macari
  5. Trim Function in Alteryx by Charlie Daffern
  6. Working With Time Strings: Part I – Converting to DATETIME by Jeremy Kneebone
  7. Working With Time Strings: Part II – Converting to Seconds by Jeremy Kneebone
  8. Clarifying Calculations by Eliott Sacau
  9. DS7 Tip Week – Creating a bump chart by George Walker
  10. So what? by Joe Macari
  11. 5 Tips to Go Beyond the ‘Show Me’ Button in Tableau by Jeremy Kneebone
  12. The Difference Between Dateparts and Datetruncs – Tip Week by Stephanie Kearns
  13. Using Alteryx to Prepare PDF Data from the Gymnastics World Championships by Charlie Daffern


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