Data School Roundup - June 13-19, 2022

by Andy Kriebel


  1. Writing Better Conditional Statements to Avoid Common Pitfalls – Part I by Martin Ding
  2. Writing Better Conditional Statements to Avoid Common Pitfalls – Part II by Martin Ding
  3. Dynamic Selection Of Dimensions And Measures by Nisha Kalathur
  4. When & How to create Dual Axis Charts by Olivier Gouet
  5. Editing a dashboard to fit visualisation best practices by Leo Huynh
  6. How to create your colour palette by Olivier Gouet
  7. Arcs and Curves by Asha Surabhi
  8. Aligning axis ranges between sheets by Eugene Kutilov
  9. How to format numbers when using a parameter by Olivier Gouet
  10. One-Sheet Small Multiples by Eugene Kutilov
  11. Discrete vs. Continuous Dates by Longyan Chen
  12. Sets and Groups by Reuben Clayman
  13. Drilldown Set Action (in German) by Oksana Kirschbaum
  14. Boolean field type by Joel Akaje-Macauley
  15. How to create a Top N Parameter by Reuben Clayman
  16. How do you make my graphs interactive with parameters? by Sophie Higson
  17. How to Make a Dynamic Heatmap by Longyan Chen
  18. How to create Dynamic Reference Lines by Marcelo Ramos
  19. How to add (and edit/format) a trend line on a scatterplot by Imogen Emmett
  20. Tableau fixed calculations explained as an Alteryx workflow by Ozlem Sigbeku
  21. How to create a Dimension Parameter by Reuben Clayman
  22. How To Turn Off Highlighting by Maha Hussari
  23. How to Create a Hex Map of Germany by Tanya Fischer
  24. Why are there null values on a map? by Marcelo Ramos
  25. How To Create Folders In The Data Pane by Maha Hussari
  26. How does the hex map work for Germany? by Heinrich Preuß
  27. What Is A Parameter? by Maha Hussari
  28. How to Build a Cohort Analysis graph by John Power
  29. BLUE vs GREEN FIELDS by Imogen Emmett
  30. How to Build Reference Line Parameter Action by Longyan Chen
  31. Custom shape & color palettes in Tableau by Zdravka Bratuhtcheva
  32. Using floating object for customized images by Tram Nguyen
  33. How to add a red alert dot by Zdravka Bratuhtcheva
  34. Parameter controlled sorting by Zdravka Bratuhtcheva

Tableau Prep

  1. Cleaning Tips in Tableau Prep by Oksana Kirschbaum
  2. Types of Joins In Tableau Prep by Yadwinder Pannu
  3. Creating a Fiscal Date by Thanoshaan Thayalan


  1. How to Analyse Overlapping Time Periods by Martin Ding
  2. A Lesson in Simplicity by Ozlem Sigbeku
  3. Tableau fixed calculations explained as an Alteryx workflow by Ozlem Sigbeku
  4. Configuration tab on the Alteryx Server by Skomantas Tamulaitis
  5. How to use the Multi-Row Formula tool by John Power
  6. Alteryx Workflow Dependencies by Megan Coutts
  7. Alteryx Cloud: How To Schedule Workflow by Valerie Madojemu
  8. Schedule Forecast: Alteryx Server by Fergus Smith
  9. Alteryx Server Permissions by Zdravka Bratuhtcheva
  10. Alteryx Server: Saving and opening workflows by Caitlin Walsh
  11. How to Check your Alteryx Server Version by John Power
  12. Dynamic SQL Queries in Alteryx by Frederik Egervari

Life at The Data School

  1. Another Reason To Be The Next Data Schooler! by Jeff Hwapyeong Kim
  2. Courage is rewarded by Kerstin Horscht
  3. First steps in the DS Germany by Ben Mangel
  4. Tips for being a Project Manager by Thanoshaan Thayalan


  1. How I Cleared my Alteryx Core Exam! by Divya Chaturvedi


  1. What did it take to get into DSNY1? by Ann Jackson


  1. Guided analytics for more informed audiences by Ronaldo Licaj
  2. Using Gestalt Principles in Dashboard Design by Viktoria Von Laer
  3. Tips and tricks for visual aesthetic by Quinn Serfass
  4. What is Data Architecture? by Pooja Srivastava

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